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Mis-Love #1


Örö Residency Progamme, Finland
It often happens that the plant’s everyday care may be neglected, usually only slightly, at times more seriously. An example of serious – even though paradoxical – violation of standards can be found in the novel À rebours, by J.K. Huysmans. The lead character furnishes his very distinguished house with false plants and flowers, but they look so close to real ones that they are undistinguishable. The main prescription regarding plants was therefore overlooked, that is to take care of them, and their presence was limited to a visual appreciation of artificial images.

My research I am conducting heads in this direction. The course is not however suggested by insufficient care or neglect of the plants one is supposed to look after, but by the opposite attitude. In other words, an overbearing care, due to misplacement and projection mechanisms, that subjects plants to measures that alter their natural growth, directing it to abnormal results. I call this attitude Mis-love, emphasising the pathological nature of this attachment.

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