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photo, anti- pollution face cream and spray pigment 50x35 cm

The fungi kingdom is known for having the ability to absorb impurities in the air. Since pollution in cities is now a constant factor, I commissioned a cosmetologist chemist, Cristina Portinaro, to create an anti-pollution cream based on fungi, especially Tremella fuciformis.*
Thanks to this product I realized Sintomo (Symptom), a photographic series of panoramic views partly protected by a layer of cream, partly concealed by dark acrylic powders precisely where the protective cream layer is absent.
The work presents us with a society that creates stop-gap measures to mitigate the sense of responsibility for the climate crisis that we are living through.
Instead of more radical structural changes, an anti-pollution cream is an evident symptom of this lethal approach.

*Extract of Tremella fuciformis is counted among the edible mushrooms, widely cultivated and valued in traditional Chinese medicine.
Polysaccharides present in the fruiting body have been shown to exhibit antioxidant and anti-ageing activity, increasing resistance to oxidative stress.
Tremella fuciformis extract has a similar or even better effect than hyaluronic acid when used in dermo-cosmetic formulations.

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