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permanent installation, flags 100x150 cm each

The Primati work consists of six flags placed along the Saussurea Alpine Botanical Garden (Courmayeur - AO) visit route dedicated to the species: Draba altaica, Poa attenuata, Saussurea glacialis, Reverse Saussurea, Stellaria decumbens, Waldheimia tridactylites, hoisted to signal the height record reached by these plants.
The flag will bring the viewer to look up, towards the height that has been and still is a place of desire, because far away from us, recalling curiosity and admiration. However, the flags also remind us that the height record reached by vascular plants is an alarm.
The ever-increasing height is an indication of how the earth’s equilibrium has been modified by human activity. The lack of ice that would have prevented plants from surviving at these heights is one of the many effects of global warming, of which much is spoken of, but for which there does not seem to be a change on the horizon.
The work aims to bring the viewer to reflect on the value we give to the top as a symbolic and concrete place to which we can look, but also on the concept of conquest and its side effects.
Every time you achieve a goal, there is always a loss and it is necessary that us humans realize this, at a macroeconomic level, but also in the small daily choices of each one of us.

graphic project: paolo cagliero︎︎

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