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Over Time

video 4K (3 channels), colour, sound, 15’

Over Time explores from new perspectives the relationship between human beings and the natural environment through the lens of snow, a material both powerful and vulnerable, which conditions climates, life systems and economies. The work develops the snow investigation conducted by the artist in 2018 and developed in the different languages of drawing, sculpture, photography, installation and in a cycle of works on paper dedicated to Wilson Bentley, a photographer who at the end of the nineteenth century was the first to capture snowflakes, turning into images the fascination exerted by the uniqueness of these “tiny miracles of beauty” that rain from the sky. A resource for mountain economies, ground for sporting enterprises, source of whitewashed, but also sublime and tragic imaginaries, capable in the form of ice to freeze life for millions of years and as water to be an essential source for the survival of all living species. Snow is likely to disappear due to climate change and to anthropogenic actions. Over Time explores, by updating them, the reasons for our emotional bond and our need to live, study and recreate snow in the Anthropocene era.

curated by: Andrea Lerda
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Photo credits: Roberta Segata