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Morfologie celesti 
mycelium, epoxy resin, plexiglas 70x 50cm 

When we walk through woods, mycelium - an interwoven network of thread-like filaments - may well extend for many kilometres below the soil, making its appearance known via its fructiferous bodies, or what we commonly call mushrooms.
The properties of mycelium’s reticular structure are well known to scientists and designers who for years have been making mycelium-based - as opposed to plastic - products, especially in the industries of packaging and building with bricks and insulated panels.
Morfologie celesti (Celestial Morphologies) is a diptych of starry skies made from mycelium’s star structures, expressly produced in the DBios* laboratories at the University of Turin.
Humans has always contemplated the sky and the stars, measuring himself against the infinitely immense, not only for needs of introspection but also to dream of better futures.
A reduced use of plastic is undoubtedly one among the many challenges that we must urgently tackle today and mycelium seems to provide us with a possible solution. In this case, we may dream of faraway horizons in order to resolve problems with a material that is much closer to us.

*Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology

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