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performance, 2023 

“Laura Pugno’s most recent research on air, entitled Mal d’Aria (2023). With an expression that almost seems to refer to a feeling of nostalgia or a sort of malaise caused by the lack of a lost “air”, the substance is here understood both in its metaphysical meaning as the root of life and in the physical composition according to whose quality the ecosystem is modified. Through a direct dialogue with professors and researchers, and a study that embraces multiple perspectives (environmental, architectural, medical and social), Pugno reflects on air as an emblem of the sustainability of global development and, more specifically, focuses on the damage caused by pollution, particularly in the Po Valley, and possible solutions provided by technologies.” read more︎︎

Text by Giulia Bortoluzzi testo in italiano︎︎  more info Ca’Foscari︎︎

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