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Looking landscape

  1. permanent marker on glass

In Didascalie n. 5 (Captions n. 5, 2013), the paradox of tactile vision is taken to its extreme conclusion. If the Taccuini di viaggio render an experience of it, these latest works enucleate its theory. Two open sheets of paper, written in braille, are shown one on top of the other. The first of these features highlighted portions, while the second features undefined stains, obtained by rolling a sphere imbued with color across the paper’s surface. The highlighting of the braille is a senseless, inefficient operation, a search for a point of conjunction between vision and physical contact that is utterly devoid of coordinates, lost in an immaterial time and space. On the other hand, the sphere’s wandering along the surface replicates the movement of the primordial eye, its scouting of the environment in an accidental, indefinite manner. It is a form of seeing, of reading of the landscape, which simultaneously constitutes a mode of writing. It is to see by touching, to touch by seeing, to read and write at the same time – in other words, to “hear,” not with hearing, but with all the senses, with the “other senses,” which, together with vision, create and interpret the landscape. The works of Laura Pugno stand as tools for interrogating ourselves about the infinite truths that our “industrious blindness” tends


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