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Last image

Photographic prints on Harman direct positive paper, ferns, fir tree. 25 x 20 cm
“The exhibit's photographs were obtained by creating a self-contained ecosystem by placing photographic paper into the trunks of trees about to be felled. The cavity then becomes a dark room, and the resulting image offers the tree's point of view on the forest — a chronicle of the woods, as well as from the woods. This is the final glance of the dark forest captured at the moment of its demise.”

text: Cecilia Canziani
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Photo credits Nadia Pugliese
Podcast /circolodeldesign

Marilivia Minnici and Marta Della Giustina voices of the Circolo del Design tell us some interesting facts about the exhibition 'May Contain Traces of Forests'. Guests of this episode are two artists and designers in the exhibition Laura Pugno and Alessandro Ruzzier.

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