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m. 4 x 5
2020, five days

For this first appointment, Fare Mente Locale has addressed the invitation to Laura Pugno who will present a new installation: L'Attesa. A work conceived for Spazio Instabile and oriented towards the city that hosts it: Colle Val D'Elsa. In a small abandoned industrial area, the Collective FML has identified a portion of the building that will host the intervention of Laura Pugno.

Laura Pugno has been working for many years on the theme of landscape: her sensitivity is expressed in a series of constructions and de-constructions that overlap, in a wise and light way, different levels and moments of the landscape, including the increasingly disturbing perspectives that scholars of the environment reveal. It becomes landscape, in the poetics of Laura, an almost ancient inner space, crossed from evocations of a condition that was, or that will be, from the wait of a definitive loss or of a fulfilment.

The water is a frequent element in the creations of Laura Pugno, that same water that has thousand uses, including also the industrial ones: the water that the Space knows very well, considering that the last carried out activity was the grinding of the manufactured articles in crystal, necessarily supported by the water. The greater part of the works of Laura regards an 'extreme' condition of the water, that of snow or, as in the installation here proposed, of ice. The presence of a layer of ice in an interior space transforms this place into a landscape, and invites the visitor to enjoy a state of waiting. Too uncertain in fact is the fate of that ice, whether to return victoriously to cover all the ground, or to recede permanently and melt. This, after all, is the meaning of many expectations: the ambiguity of gains and losses, the reluctance to specify the event you want (or fear). When the expectation becomes a value in itself, a duration full of distant voices, independent of its content.  FML

Photo credits: Higo studio, and Paolo Cagliero