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wall and photography

“The stability of the horizon line “hinges on the stability of an observer, who is thought to be located on a ground of sorts, a shoreline, a boat – a ground that can be imagined as stable, even if in fact it is not”.1
What happens, then, if the artist chooses to make the viewer aware of his non-centrality, of his total precariousness, by forcing him to look at a photograph of a horizon in which snow and sky merge, placed on a wall inclined at 23 degrees like the earth’s axis?
Hopefully there is an immediate awareness – because it is physical – that everything depends on that delicate inclination.”

1. Hito Steyerl, In Free Fall. A Thought Experiment on Vertical Perspective, in “e-flux journal”, op. cit.

White Memory
by Manuela Pacella
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