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Essere due 

prints on mirror and iron, cm 180x55x 48 

Constantly becoming
by Giangavino Pazzola
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It is an installation featuring two mirrors facing each other and depicting the Swiss side (Matterhorn) and the Italian one (Cervino). As well as showing the true identity of each part, it reverberates the images, in seemingly endless repetition.
Of image that is seemingly inoffensive because it does not interpret fact and does not configure a translation of perceptible elements: the mirror records what strikes it in the precise way it strikes it, referring us to the “truth” and responding to the aesthetic principle of resemblance. In this case, the Matterhorn and Cervino (the same mountain) are united in a two-dimensional vision – superimposing themselves on each other in the reflection. Equally, the form exposes its eternal solitude and impossible “cultural” adhesion, only possible in the deception and ambiguity of the expanded representation produced by the mirror.

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