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A futura memoria


“Laura Pugno, who has always been interested in investigating the indefinite nature of landscapes, has chosen to create her own personal archive of snow. A future memory is a vision, an image that anticipates what we will see when the snow will no longer exist. The artist has made casts of snow, as if to render eternal what for anthropogenic forces is subject to ever greater vulnerability.The presence of snow on the polar ice is fundamental for the albedo, that is the portion of incoming solar radiation that is directly reflected in space. With an inevitable appeal to the phenomenon of melting glaciers, the small sculptures, illuminated by the multicolor reflections of the polymaterial film on which they are supported, seem to already belong to a cabinet of curiosities of the near future. In the dialogue between organic nature and high-tech matter, the work highlights in an emblematic way the outcome of the over-exploitation of the fragile water resources by today's technologically advanced society.”

Andrea Lerda